MODULHAUS™ Takes Centre Stage at Westminster

Volumetric modular technology has been making national news headlines and receiving universal acclaim for bringing much needed facilities onstream in record time to support efforts to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, but 28 June marked a first for the industry. MODULHAUS™– a one-person volumetric modular home took centre stage in the grounds of Westminster Abbey opposite the Palace of Westminster to raise awareness of the plight of rough sleepers and demonstrate how modular technology can provide a high quality, cost-effective solution with all the benefits of a permanent dwelling but equally designed for relocation as required.

Through Foundation200, prominent housing developer Hill Group has pledged £12million to help end rough sleeping. VOLUMETRIC™ – a specialist manufacturer of custom-built homeless solutions has worked in close collaboration to design and manufacture bespoke MODULHAUS™ single person homes with 200 being gifted via Foundation200 to charities and councils across the country.

Under the new SHC Partnership, the Salvation Army, Hill Group and Citizens UK hosted the Westminster event for MPs, prominent charities, and council leaders to launch a new initiative to provide homes and support packages which promote independence, a sense of place and belonging. Invited guests had the opportunity to meet experts from the SHC Partnership and VOLUMETRIC™ to find out more details of the scheme.

Offering a safe, independent and innovative interim housing solution, MODULHAUS™ allows individuals to find the stability they need to secure a reliable income before making the transition to a permanent
home. Delivered 100% complete, ready for simple site connection and commissioning, MODULHAUS™ proves that temporary accommodation does not have to be low quality and can be delivered to exceptional standards. The super energy efficient homes reduce ongoing energy costs to less than £5 per week – negating fuel poverty.

The energy strategy for MODULHAUS™ is designed to surpass the Future Homes Standards. Every module includes low energy lighting, white goods, controlled flow showers and dual flush cisterns to minimise energy and water consumption. Renewable energy technology is built into every home including air source heat pumps and mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) systems.
Through lean world class manufacturing principles combined with Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) protocols, a balance of mass standardisation with elements of interior customisation and colour combinations is attained.

VOLUMETRIC™ have a close partnership with Foundation200 but modules can also be procured directly outside of the charitable scheme and can be delivered as a basic module or on a full turnkey basis.
Fully integrated maintenance packages are available if the turnkey option is used.

MODULHAUS™ can also provide keyworker accommodation at time of peak demand or a longterm adaptable asset investment for NHS Trusts. A community module is also available for shared dining and meeting facilities which can be customised to form office or learning spaces as required.

The BOPAS certified 60-year MODULHAUS™ design life opens up several funding options over longer periods of time which have the potential to reduce the impact on capital budgets. Futureproof and future ready – each MODULHAUS™ is a long-term asset delivered to a better performance specification than traditionally constructed accommodation.

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