New £250m framework launches for offsite suppliers

A new £250m framework has been launched for offsite suppliers to deliver schools, hospitals and community buildings
Offsite manufacturers looking to boost the profile of Modern Methods Construction (MMC) in the public sector are wanted for a new four-year framework to supply schools, hospitals and community buildings.

The Modular Buildings (MB2) framework from LHC is for the design, supply, installation and hire of permanent, temporary, and refurbished modular buildings for the public sector.

The framework primarily covers education, healthcare, emergency services, offices and community-related amenities such as sport facilities and theatres, but it can also be used for residential projects that are part of a mixed-use development or for student accommodation.

Offsite suppliers that want to be part of the framework need to offer a full turnkey solution, providing all services required to deliver a full project from design through to handover.

‘Appetite’ for offsite construction
Mij Rahman, director of procurement at LHC, said: “We’ve seen the public sector’s appetite for offsite construction increase over recent years, with contracting authorities procuring £100m of work through our previous MB1 framework.

“This framework needs enthusiastic, innovative suppliers that want to work with us and continue to raise standards within the MMC market and can also provide local authorities with high quality services that deliver long term value.”

The framework is split into four workstreams with eight lots that bidders can apply for.

The lots include:
Lot 1: Workstream 1a – permanent modular buildings (up to £750,000)
Lot 2: Workstream 1b – permanent modular buildings (£500,000-£3m)
Lot 3: Workstream 1c – permanent modular buildings (over £3m)
Lot 4: Workstream 2a – permanent healthcare buildings (up to £3m)
Lot 5: Workstream 2b – permanent healthcare buildings (over £3m)
Lot 6: Workstream 3 – hire of temporary buildings
Lot 7: Workstream 4 – refurbished buildings.

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